Joyce Carol Oates on Bob Dylan

Celestial Timepiece

I believe these things are true about Dylan, as they are true about any genius: 1. He is unstoppable. 2. “He” is both an individual and a medium, a process by which certain energies are released, and the “he”—the man, Bob Dylan—arranges and invents and occasionally exploits the forms in which these energies are released. 3. As fast as people imagine they are following his “career,” he is always ahead of them and therefore no longer interested in their opinions; not out of modesty, but because he has work to do. 4. If there had been no era of protest, no civil-rights involvement, no Vietnam War—still, there would be a Bob Dylan, because the energy he represents would have been channeled into another area.

Letter to the Editor, Esquire, August 1972, p. 14

Joyce Carol Oates
London, England
August 1972

“Dylan at 60”

Originally published in Studio A: The Bob Dylan Reader, 2004

DYLAN! When…

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  1. Su Bob Dylan e il suo Nobel, trovate in questo articolo il parere di J.C. Oates, formidabile scrittrice americana più volte inserita tra le probabili vincitrici del premio. Cliccando sull’icona Celestial Timepiece comparirà tutto il pezzo


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